Hi I'm Michael. I'm a teenager from VA who likes naps, biology, and being oblivious to what i want to do in life. Send me ya friend codes so we can trade and shit.

princess nokia - dragons
Anonymous: Are you happy?

lol this is a hard question

yeah b/c i turned 18 yesterday and i have leftover cake

but like it’s fading

"you’ve been going to any parties?"






My parents played Stevie Wonder’s happy birthday to wake me up

And then danced around the house giving me suitcases to move out


i want pets

but today my anatomy teacher showed us a powerpoint of her friend’s infected hand after her cat BIT her

it took 2 weeks to get rid of/control the infection AND she has a scar

denying college offers is so hard because im basically going off of what my parents are telling me to do

and they dont even fully know what’s going on

Montell Jordan - Get It On Tonight

*stands on top of a hill w/ a microphone* GROW U-*mic screeches*

SZA - Castles

frank ocean plz come back to the internet so me and millions of other people can stalk you again