Hi I'm Michael. I'm a teenager from VA who likes naps, biology, and being oblivious to what i want to do in life. Send me ya friend codes so we can trade and shit.

bitch i fouND A >:OOOO




I hated wet n wild in Orlando because I almost drowned on all the rides because I didn’t follow directions lol

IM FINNA NOT DO ZAT *le1f voice*

I hate meeting new people because they slowly realize how boring I am

*snores so loud you hear it through the door*

Big Momma - Mona Lisa (Prod. Michælangelo)

Big Momma - Dentata (Prod. Sash Blu)

you understand when i take off my clothes, there’s no pads or towels falling from my hips

they are my hips

my measurements are: 36, 18, 36

none of my girlfriends have my measurements

On my mama.
On my hood.
I look fly! (Yes lord)
I look good.

"bust a nut" makes me physically ill

DJ Screw - Thuggish Ruggish Bone (Bone Thugs-N-Harmony feat. Shatasha Williams)

starr revlon and baby hurricane khan are a PROBLEM